How do devil worshipers worship the devil?

28 May

How do devil worshipers worship the devil?

Now that is the correct way to ask the question… There is a huge difference between Devil worshippers and Satanists.

Devil Worshippers are people who believe in demonic presidence over Angelic and Godly influence. They evoke Spirits and pray to the negative aspect of the Godhead. They are like Murphy’s law people… always opposing and in opposition to the practivces and beliefs of the common Christian. They, like the one they follow, are the anti law, the less than, they believe in power by abuse and manipulation of the elements and the forces of spirit as a means to their ends.

Like a Christian goes about their ritual and practice, the Devil worshipper has their rites and practices and instruments and follow their own procedures on evoking and calling the spirits to their bidding. They perform black mass and turn the original communion by consuming the blood of the scapegoat or the beast.

But they are dumb… because spirits are only subject unto God (the One who created them) and as King Solomon employed them and used the infernal to build the temples… Once you evoke them successfully (If you ever actually do) Without the name of God, you cannot command the infernal and they will tear you apart, little by little bit by bit.

It is the reason that most of them are a bit nuts and usually have an addiction or two… Many die of their addictions or suicide and many spend time in mental instutions.

Satanists simply believe in the anit law. They are spiritual anarchists and nilhists… Usually very intelligent, usually very schooled on the religions of the world. They are the followers of opposition and anti-laws, they do not conform to form or function and most importantly… they do not worship satan. Just what he symbolizes

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  1. Bara

    May 30, 2012 at 7:00 am

    The step father should rott in jail, hope its not a ritual practice


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